CMROI tech on display by Siemens at RSNA meeting

Researchers at the Center for Magnetic Resonance and Optical Imaging (CMROI) led by Prof. Ravinder Reddy have developed a MRI-based imaging technique called T1-rho MRI that can detect subtle early changes in cartilage physiology due to osteoarthritis that may provide improved diagnoses and clinical management of patients. This novel biomarker of cartilage pathology is sensitive to early biochemical changes in the extracellular matrix of cartilage and has the potential to non-invasively detect early pathological changes with the goal of aiding clinical decision-making as well as contributing to development and evaluation of potential disease modifying therapies. Siemens is developing a work-in-progress package with CMROI for deploying the pulse sequence and image reconstruction software for use on 3T MRI scanners. Siemens highlighted T1-rho MRI in their Magnetom Flash magazine at this year’s RSNA meeting.

For information on how to obtain the pulse sequence, please visit the T1-rho download page.