P.I. Institute
Ravinder Reddy UPenn T1rho measurements in a cross-sectional study 1 08/07-06/09 Private
Hallam Hurt UPenn In utero cocaine use:Adolescent and young adult neurocognative outcome 2 05/07-04/12 RO1-DA014129
Brett Cucchiara Upenn Circle of Willis variability and migraine 2 09/07-06/11 RO1-NS057400
John Detre UPenn Neuroscience Neuroimaging center 2 10/08-09/13 P30-NS045839
Charles O’Brien UPenn Center for Research and Drug Abuse 2 06/07-06/12 P60-DA005186
John Detre UPenn Pharmacological MRI using ASL:Effects of Oral Citralopram 2 06/08-06/09 Private
John Whyte UPenn Research Methods for Cognitive Rehabilitation (Neuroimaging Core) 2 09/05-07/10 R24-HD050836
Michael Selzer UPenn Center for Experimental Neurorehabiliation on Training 2 09/05-07/10 R24-HD050838
Virginia Lee UPenn Tauopathies: Genotype and Phenotype 2 09/07-09/10 P01-AG17586