P.I. Institute Title TR&D Funding
Ari Borthakur UPenn T1rho MRI as a Quantitative Biomarker of Lumbar Disc Degeneration and Associated Low Back Pain 1 Private
Ravinder Reddy UPenn Changes in Spectroscopy and Glutamate-CEST Due to Modafinil 1 1R21-DA032256
Virginia Lee UPenn Early Diffusion Changes in a Mouse Model of Neurofibrillary Tangles 1 5PO1-AG032953-03
Jaimo Ahn UPenn T1p Imaging of Articula Cartilage after Implantation of Tibial Fracture Plate 1 1R03-AG040670-02
C. Neill Epperson UPenn 7T MR Spectroscopy of Brain Metabolites 1 5R01-AG030641-02
C. Neill Epperson UPenn Effects of Lisdexamfetamine on Prefrontal Brani Glutamate Concentration and Executive Function in Menopausal Women with Memory 1 5K24DA0303 01-03
Gorman Robert UPenn Echocardiography To Predict Recurrent IMR After Surgical Mitral Valve Replacement 1 5RO1-HL103723-02
Walter Witschey UPenn Nuclear Magnetic Tirho Relaxation in Acute and Chronic Myocardial Infaraction 1 5K99-HL108157-02
Jerry Glickson UPenn Redox Imaging of Human Lymphoma 1 5RO1-CA101700-08
Ravi Amaravadi UPenn Probing the Connection Between Melonoma Aggressiveness, Redox State and Autophagy 1 5K23-CA120862-04
Jerry Glickson Upenn Mitochondrial Redox Imaging of Biological Tissues 1 2-RO1-CA129544-03A1
Ronald Wolf UPenn Evaluation of Vascular Malformation Hemodynamics Using ASL Perfusion MRI 2 5-R21-NS065292-02
Caryn Lerman UPenn Center for Interdisciplinay Research on Nicotine Addiction 2 5-P30-CA0165292-02
Teresa Franklin UPenn Dopaminergic Variants Involved in Smoking Behavior: A Perfusion fMRI Study 2 5-R01-DA029845-02
Murray Grossman UPenn Frontotemporal Dementias: Genotypes and Phenotypes 2 1-R01-AG038490-01A1
Rahim Rizi UPenn Quantitative Structural and Functional Imaging of the Lung 3 5RO1-HL089064-04
Milton Rossman UPenn Development of Hyperpolarized Helium for Assessing ILD 3 5-R21-HL091351-02
Rahim Rizi UPenn Quantitative Structural and Functional Imaging of the Lung 3 5RO1-HL089064-04
Daniel Licht CHOP Cerebrovascular Physiology of Infants with CHD 4 5K23NS05238
JJ Danny Wang UPenn Time Resolved 4D MRA using True FISP based Spin Tagging and Dynamic Golden Angle Radial Acquisition 4 RO1-EB014922
Joel Greenberg UPenn Bed-Side Monitoring of Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke 4 1-RO1-NS057400-01A2
Emile Mohler UPenn Skeletal Muscle Hemodynamics in Healthy and Diseased Populations 4 5-R01-HL075649-08