Current Projects

We invite other investigators to join us in scientific collaborations in either of two categories:

Driving Biomedical Projects (DBP)

These comprise of key research projects between Resource personnel and outside investigators. DBPs have the potential for significant biomedical impact on their own while also serving as test-beds for the Resource’s technology. These projects present substantial technical challenges that make the problem difficult to solve with current approaches. There is an iterative push-pull relationship between Technology R&D and the DBPs, advancing both the technology and the biomedical projects.

Collaborative & Service (C&S) projects

Projects that rely primarily on exploiting Resource capabilities. Application of Resource technologies and expertise may take many forms, including consultation and advice, routine analysis, and engagement in challenging collaborative biomedical projects. New driving biomedical, collaborative and service investigators both from outside and inside the institution are required to submit written proposals to the Executive Committee which reviews them based upon the following criteria:

  • technical feasibility
  • clinical feasibility
  • clinical safety
  • scientific merit

If clinical feasibility or safety is an issue, the executive committee of the Resource consults with the Clinical Advisory Board. For cases that are deemed clinically unfeasible or technically difficult, the Clinical and/or Technical Director works with the applicant in revising the proposal to meet the Resource standards. If the project is found to be technically unfeasible or scientifically unsound, recommendations are made by the Executive Committee as to how to revise the proposal.